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Start Here: What is Eco?

Eco is a currency with a growing community building products and services to drive its adoption.

Eco’s design is informed by the following assumptions: Given better economic data and a more transparent incentive structure for governance, it is possible to govern and grow a reserve currency that is digitally-native and more clearly aligned with its users’ (our) collective best interests.

More simply: Eco is a money game we can actually win—together.

This page includes links to key resources and answers to frequently asked questions.

Eco Currency

The Eco Currency is designed to be a decentralized alternative to fiat currencies, using monetary policy to evolve and support a growing Economy.

The Eco Currency system is, effectively, a governance framework and a monetary policy toolkit with a dual-token system. It is built on Ethereum.

This section includes resources to learn more about the system design, token model and technical implementation.

ECO contract address:


ECOx contract address:


Eco-nomics: ECO & ECOx

Eco includes two tokens: ECO and ECOx.

ECO is the base currency, built for saving and spending, with variable supply governed by monetary policy; the initial ECO supply was 10 billion units.

ECOx is a secondary token to bootstrap system governance and capital allocation; it has a capped supply (initially 1 billion units) that is designed to decrease over time.


What is the role of the Eco Association

Eco Association is a Swiss entity established to promote the independent development and growth of the Eco-system—the Eco Currency and the network and community that develop around it.

Currently the members of the association focus on community development and technical support. As the Eco-system grows, it is likely that the scope of the Association’s work will grow with it, to sponsor research, organize grant-making and otherwise support the independent efforts of the Eco community. The Association manages an independent treasury for those purposes, but is a non-profit entity.

Who are some of the investors in Eco?

There are a number of early market participants who purchased ECOx to support the Eco Currency’s early development. They include:

a16z Crypto, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, Founders Fund, L Catterton, Activant Capital, 1kx, Expa, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Collab+Currency, Slow Ventures, LionTree, and more.

Note: These are investors in the Eco Currency vision through ECOx only. Eco Association is an independent entity that exists to support the growth of the Eco Currency and community.

Who are the Trustees?

In the Eco community, Trustees fulfill the role of monetary policymakers. They source feedback from the community, monitor crypto and traditional finance markets, conduct economic research, and vote on system monetary policy every two weeks.

Trustees are elected by the community. Most often, highly eligible candidates bring deep and demonstrated experience in economic research, financial market analysis, and/or active involvement in crypto community governance.

What is the Association’s relationship with Eco, Inc. and the Eco App?

Eco, Inc. is a U.S. based company (and a Delaware corporation) developing the Eco App—a custodial product for U.S. consumers with one simple balance for saving, spending and sending money. Eco, Inc. will continue to develop the Eco App to promote adoption and use of the Eco Currency, and will continue to be a core contributor to the open Eco community.

Eco, Inc. sponsored the development of the Eco Currency (along with several independent contributors) as well as the formation of the Eco community in Discord. As part of these efforts, Eco, Inc. developed v1 of the Eco Currency as well as the interfaces for interacting with it.

What’s ahead for the Eco Currency?

The Eco Currency is designed to evolve and be upgraded through community governance. Each proposed update must be adopted and executed through governance. The community maintains its roadmap and continues to recruit new contributors and partners to further its reach.

Currently contributors are working on a series of upgrades to make the Eco Currency faster, cheaper and more intuitive to use and interact with. Some of these upgrades will include: moving more transaction activity to on-chain scaling solutions, improving community governance and monetary governance processes, refining the implementation of certain monetary policy functions and expanding ECOx functionality to support novel staking and collateralization use cases.

How can I get involved?

In numerous ways!

Whether you are a product building, contributing coder, research analyst, shop owner, economist, linguist … or just trying to find your way around, there are many ways to learn more about Eco and match the Eco mission to your skills and interests. Start by reading the resources above! And check out Get Involved for more information.