What is Eco?

Not a token economy — a real Economy

Eco is a decentralized currency enabling a new type of Economy — one that works more transparently and in our collective best interest.

It’s the combination of something old — the ambition of building a better currency — and something new — the technology for currencies to be managed independently by their communities.

Why Eco

What makes Eco unique?

Real Consumers
use Eco

We’ve been waiting a decade for someone to build a bridge for the mainstream world to benefit from crypto. Starting with the Eco App and its network of partners, products built on top of Eco do exactly that — and it's only the beginning. More are in the works, giving everyone access to crypto-powered financial services while onboarding them to the Eco Currency.

Real Community
drives adoption

The community building and supporting Eco is unlike any other. It’s a wildly active, inspiring and driven group unified by one goal: to further adoption of Eco. From deep economic discussion to creative content, you’ll find a place in the Eco Community.

Real Governance
makes it work

Eco’s currency, $ECO, is governed by its own monetary policy much like the fiat currencies we use every day. But instead of a far-removed central bank setting the policy, an elected group of Eco users (called ‘Trustees’) does so — using better data and better tools, with clearer incentives.

All of that together creates a Real Economy

Trustees manage ECO, so...
Users adopt ECO, so...
ECOx holders benefit, so...
Trustees are rewarded.

Everyone wins when we all win together.

Eco Token Model

Within the Eco Currency system, there are two tokens. $ECO is the currency itself — governed by its community, with the goal of building an independent currency for saving and spending. $ECOx is the secondary token meant to bootstrap governance and liquidity for the system.


The base currency for spending and saving, with supply governed by monetary policy.


The secondary asset for ensuring sound governance and supporting responsible growth.

Eco isn’t just about value,
it’s about values.

Something has changed in the world: We now live in two places at once. We all have a geographic home, but increasingly, also a virtual one. We all inhabit a new sort of global, networked society — where people connect based on what they value rather than where they live.

Eco is inspired, in part, by the need for a new currency for the new economies we participate in — a currency that works for us. Even more, Eco is inspired to be a new way to not only transmit value, but to express our values.

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