It’s time for crypto payments that work.

Over a decade ago, crypto promised a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system”. In spite of all crypto’s advances, the industry still hasn’t delivered on a usable payments system that’s better than the status quo.

It’s time to fulfill that promise. That’s why Eco exists.

What's the problem?

Payments are broken.

Payments are crypto’s killer use case...

Crypto was originally designed with payments in mind — but we’ve lost the beat.

…but, today, crypto payments are way too hard.

Today, crypto payments are way too hard for the average person to use. Gas fees, multiple tokens, subnets, and chain switching are just the tip of the iceberg. Why are interfaces so technical, when most of the world isn’t?

Luckily, now, easy crypto payments
can exist.

Crypto payments need to be better than traditional payments for people to use them. Thanks to recent technical developments — smart contract wallets, rollups, intents, and more — that future is finally becoming possible.

We believe it’s time to bring payments onchain.

Meet Beam: The best way to send and receive money

Eco community members built Beam, a payment product that simply works. Fixed, low fees charged in the same asset being sent; dead-simple instant onboarding; no need for users to worry about addresses or chains.

A new payments Eco

Only thanks to recent bleeding-edge technical developments are true crypto payments possible. Smart contract wallets and account abstraction with ERC-4337; rollups like Optimism and Base; and more.

Leveraging these developments, the Eco community is building products enabling real-world use cases (finally!), including:

  • Tender POS is an internet-age point-of-sale system meant to enable instant, seamless, in-person crypto payments for merchants.
  • The Beam wallet is the most cash-like digital payment experience ever — an opinionated payment wallet usable by the mainstream.

But it's not just payments that are broken and can now be fixed...

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